Supplemental Facility Assistance

At Dell Medical Staffing, we handle meticulous reviews, recommendations, implementation, education, oversight and support of any applicable software and processes currently in place at your community. In addition to our in-house Staffing Agency, we manage other per-Diem Agencies, time and attendance, scheduling, PBJ, unemployment, recruitment, benefits, HR and payroll.

Our dedicated team will run audits and reports to help you establish processes in order to improve facility efficiency and save on your overall cost! DMS is owned and operated by Nurses, we know that above all, Customer Satisfaction is of utmost importance. Let us assist you to bridge the gap between Patient to Staff ratios based on acuity. We know how important Rehabilitative Nursing Services are to your facility, let's take you to the next level and provide that 5 star patient care you want to be known for.

Contact us today about how we can help you achieve higher performance ratings, employee satisfaction, lower turnover and reduced costs.

Vendor Negotiation

We will assist you with renegotiating existing and new contracts for your overall cost saving measures. One example is our ability to takeover the management and procurement of your current and future Staffing Agency contracts. We'll even manage the day-to-day Staffing Agencies to ensure appropriate labor spending!

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Scheduling Solutions

Operating a healthcare facility means quality of care is key. We can ensure an efficient scheduling system is in place to provide continuity of care to achieve the best customer service experience. Efficiency, reliability and affordability are key with what we provide!

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FT/PT/PRN Employee Operations

Employee operations are most successful when proper systems, processes, and oversight are in place. Allow us to support your employee operations so you can focus on growing your in-house staff.

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HR & Payroll

Let us help you streamline and organize your Recruitment, HR & Payroll systems. We even offer outsourced solutions for when you need help the most, which is now!

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