Welcome to Dell Medical Staffing

We're still Healthcare Heroes

Dell Medical Staffing is best known for our professional and reliable supplemental medical staff. Our company was founded by nurses for nurses and we believe our warm and down-to-earth approach further defines our integrity. Read more about us and what makes us stand out.

About us

Throughout the years, Dell has traveled across the country, tending to others in their time of need. Prior to the pandemic we felt there had to be a better way to provide better nursing care. We decided to start Dell Medical Staffing, which has become a premier temporary staffing firm known throughout the Midwest. In our ever-changing landscape, one thing that has not changed is our mission to provide guaranteed hours and top pay to our Healthcare Heroes. We believe you deserve the best agency to not only pay you a fair rate, but to answer when you call. The integrity of our nurse founders remains unchanged. Why wouldn’t you want to be treated with dignity and respect? 

We look forward to getting to know you!